Peter Cossar – Labor for Ryan

Peter Cossar believes that only Labor can and will deliver what you in Ryan and Australia as a whole need. He wants to work for more opportunities and a better future!

The Australian Labor Party has again endorsed long-term Toowong local Peter Cossar as the Federal Candidate for Ryan in the forthcoming Federal election.

peter cossar

Mr Cossar joins Anthony Albanese’s Labor team, ready to take the fight up to Scott Morrison in the key battleground of Queensland.

A 57-year-old father of two, Mr Cossar and his wife have lived in Toowong for 23 years. He works as an actor, teacher and producer in the performing arts industry and has a history of advocating for the arts, renewable energy, same sex marriage and protecting our environment.

Like many others living in Ryan, Peter Cossar knows first-hand the effects of successive LNP Governments ignoring our city’s infrastructure needs.

“Having lived in our leafy part of the world for over 20 years, I will fight to implement effective policies to deal with the pandemic, climate change, protect our environment, deliver investment in local infrastructure, like Cross River Rail, and deliver better funding for health and education services.

“Scott Morrison, Julian Simmonds and the LNP are all about announcing policy and spending initiatives, but they’re not there for the follow up,” said Mr Cossar. “Only Labor has a plan for a better future in Ryan that includes fixing Aged Care and the GP Crisis that is happening across Australia, and a real locked-in plan to deliver 82% renewable energy to our grid by 2030”

All content authorised by J. Campbell, Australian Labor Party (Queensland Branch), Brisbane, QLD.